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Leathes Prior’s debtcollector service is a cost-effective way of enforcing undisputed, overdue business debts of under £10,000.

Most claims for less than £10,000 are likely to be allocated to the Small Claims Track of the County Court. Instructing Solicitors at an hourly rate can often mean that the legal fees outweigh the value of the claim which leaves you out of pocket, even if the original debt is successfully recovered.

We provide transparent, fixed costs for each stage of the process as outlined on our costs and fees page. Provided the debt falls within the scope of the service, you get access to expert advice from solicitors specialising in dispute resolution at all stages of the process, without the fear of running up large legal bills.

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The Team

Dawn Lossau
debtcollector Manager

Dawn joined Leathes Prior in March 2007,  in addition to providing the debtcollector service for new and existing clients she also manages the firms debt and day to day credit control.   Dawn has over 20 years experience in credit control and is used to dealing with individuals as well as those clients who run small businesses and national companies.

David Richards

David is a civil litigator and an Associate in the Dispute Resolution Team. David acts for individuals and businesses involved in a range of civil disputes from claims allocated to the small claims track of the civil courts through to multi-million pound cases and others which have resolved through ADR, including adjudication. He is also an experienced mediator.